Lucky Things To Do On St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day

No matter if you have relatives who were immigrants from Ireland and not all people are Irish at St. Patrick’s Day. Irish people have been celebrating their own Roman Catholic feast of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland since the 9th or 10th century, however, today these celebrations appear different than they did in the past particularly in America. Actually, a lot aspects of St. Patrick’s Day activities and traditions that you are familiar with and enjoy are actually rooted in America. It doesn’t matter if those cherished customs are traditional Irish or not the most important thing on the 17th of March is having fun.


Before you start worrying that you’re doing things wrong, consider it an excellent sign that Ireland has taken on certain aspects of the St. Patrick’s Day activities which originated in America including parades, corned beef and the green beverage (though it took some time for Ireland to accept this custom). From creating tasty St. Patrick’s Day recipes to putting together simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts, there’s an undoubtedly a way to honor all things Irish on the 17th of March. If you’re not sure of how you’ll make the most of your day this year, here are some suggestions that anyone of any age could take pleasure in.

Below are the Lucky Things to Do on St. Patrick’s day to attempt to bring some luck on the 17th of March.

St. Patricks Day Traditions that will Bring you Good Luck
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Bring Along A Cinnamon Stick

Although it isn’t a typical practice in America the practice is very popular in Ireland. Place the cinnamon stick inside your wallet and you will be able to reap prosperity. Although it may seem strange, if it does not perform, it’ll give your wallet a nice scent.

Finding A Four-Leaf Clover

The shamrock is a symbol of the Trinity in the way that St. Patrick used it to clarify Christianity. The appearance of a four-leaf clover believed to bring luck. It’s not as easy to locate one as you imagine but the chances of finding a four-leaf clover is around one out of 10,000. But there are good Luck charms that come from Around the World.

Burning Sage

Burning Sage is said to help ward away evil spirits. For the best results, it is recommended to make the plant burn through the process of smudging. By doing this, you can eliminate all negative energies that may be around you during St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear Green

A very well-known customs for people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green. The tradition began when many believed that wearing green would render people invisible to leprechauns. People who did not wear green were believed to be hit by these mythical creatures. People would pinch people who weren’t wearing green to remind they would be bitten by a leprechaun if they didn’t pin them if they didn’t wear a green clothing. Incredibly enough, the official color of Ireland is blue which is why many Irish wear blue attire on St. Patrick’s Day.

Putting Up A Horseshoe

You can attract some luck on this St. Patrick’s Day by hanging a horseshoe around your home. There are a variety of opinions on the best way to hang the horseshoes upside down or upside down. Some people believe you should place the ends in the direction of the horseshoe so that it is easier to gather luck. Some think that the shoe should face down, so that people who walk through it will get luck pouring down on them.

Take a shot with the Shamrock

Throw a shamrock into the glass filled with whiskey…this was sometimes referred to as”drowning the shamrock.” Take a sip (not the shamrock) and then throw it over your shoulder to get luck. Make sure you consume something during St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Dishes with Recipes.Kiss Someone Who is Irish
“Kiss me, I’m Irish” is a popular slogan on a variety of t-shirts, but what is the origin of this custom from? Some believe it was started by”The Blarney Stone which means that when you didn’t get to Ireland and wanted to kiss somebody who was Irish was the alternative.

Saying An Irish Blessing

If you’re not keen to ignite sage, put on green or hang a horseshoe on your wall, put cinnamon sticks in your purse or go on the four-leaf clover hunt You can also bring some luck by offering your Irish blessing. This is a popular blessing:

“May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go and guide you in whatever you do-and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.”

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